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Answer my EGL survey?

Hey ladies! I have a strange request! I'm helping some out-of-town friends out with some EGL themed events at an upcoming convention, and one of the panels is an EGL version of "The Match Game". The short version of the story is- I need lots and LOTS of people to answer the following lolita-themed survey for me, so I can start calculating the most popular answers for the various questions. If you have a few minutes and can fill it out for me, I'd be much obliged!

Here is the link! Thanks!

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Spotting: Plano Lolita

I saw you tonight at the entrance of Asia World Market (right next to I-75) and I wanted to thank you for the compliment ^_^b I was in a casual lolita skirt gray, and black Bodyline caplet. You were in a wine x black OP, striped tights/pantyhose, white tea parties/heels, and an most awesome matching wine x black lace/ribbon tricorn hat!

I wanted to tell you I loved your hat *_* but you were off so fast (/" T o T)/"

If you're around ~ let's hang out together some time~~ 
Hi everyone! If it looks a little quiet in here, it's probably because we do the majority of our planning on Facebook now. The Metroplex Lolitas group is closed, but click "Request to Join" and you'll be approved as long as you don't seem like a creeper!

Happy holidays!

Updates for Jan. and Feb. '12 Meets

Sorry guys and gals! Totally got sidetracked with getting things together for New Year's and prepping for other adventures.

Meet Ups For Jan.

Post - New Year's Skate & Swap: To be held in the Arlington Area. I'm still scooping out workable dates (Between Jan.13 -16) But, I should have a more definitive date and location to announce by Jan.1st.

Meet Ups for Feb.

Part 1 of 3 in the Texas Tea Breaker Series:Saturday, Feb.25th, 2012 @ Spiral Diner & Cafe in the Fort Worth area.
We'll be starting roughly 1 pm and go till 3 p.m. before migrating another activity. 

If I'm missing something, feel free to chime in! There's no rule to have only one meet a month. It just tends to happen as we're all pretty busy with life in general. Also, Meet Post can be set to members only or Public. Its up to you lovely frillies.

Happy Holidays to you all and a welcoming New Year!
Hello, everyone!
I figured I would get familiar with this community :) While I am currently going to school in Kansas, my parents live in Plano, meaning I'll be lurking around there during my breaks and over the summer.
I've liked lolita for a few years and just recently bought my first few dresses and am going to my first meet this weekend!
I'll be in Dallas for most of December and part of January, and I'd love to meet some of you while I'm there! <3

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be safe, warm, and if your planing on it, prep'd for some Black Friday action online and off!
There's plenty of lolita oriented sales opportunities out there this year. Here's a few I've seen both in my Friend's feed and FB's feed.

Harajuku Hearts is having a sale. 

Lockshop is having a sale. (Not sure if ship individual orders over seas yet, but they do Group Orders!) 

Sweet Poison Cupcake  is having a sale.

Black Peace Now is offering a Black Friday Sale.

Gothic Lolita Wigs USA is having a Black Friday Sale.



I am new-ish too lolita (been one since April) and I have always felt more or less alone in my fashion. When I found this group, I was quite excited! I will learn anything you have to teach me and I look forward to meeting all of you! I sew, sing, dance, and I very much like physics. :)
Thank you!

Hello! Nice to meet you!

♪ Hello! Nice to meet you all ♪

I have known of Lolita for a very long time but, have only recently started to collect a wardrobe for it! :)

I am a Lifestyle Sweet Lolita and love acting and music. I also love singing, baking, sewing, etc.

I have been looking for a community of nearby Lolitas and was so happy when I found this one! 
I would love any advice you could give me and am excited about attending meetups!
I look forward to meeting and getting to know you all!! (=^-^=)
Love ♥
(P.S. Is it too late to make an I.D. card?)

Mini Meets for November

Nov. 26th, Saturday  - Downtown Fort Worth @ Barnes and Nobles
Around 2 p.m. till 6 p.m. most likely.
Parking is free on the weekends in the following garages: Tower Parking Garage, Most Sundance Garage or Lots, Sundance Flying Saucer Lot, and Tarrant County Law  Office Garage. Do keep in mind that some of these parking areas are a good 10 to 20 minute walk due to Traffic lights. Best bet is Flying Saucer and  Sundance Square Garage II. See here for more free parking Garages.

Not really a meet, per se, but I will be there pumping out some National Novel Writing pages and having my coffee and tea in frills. Feel free to stop by for a little one on one or whatnot. I'll most likely be dawning punk or gothic then.

A fellow member is in the process of pulling together a SNB #2 for November. Details to be released soon, by the hostess.