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Here's a list of events going on for AFest this year. 4 days of con with a small, friendly atmosphere.
See schedule version here.

Friday - Day 1

So You Want To Go To Japan - Located in Panel #6 - at 6 pm
Are you thinking about going to Japan? Want to know how to plan without a Tour Guide?
Then come by this panel to learn from the pros of how to get the most bang for your buck.

Saturday - Day 2

Meet Up  - Chill (inside the Sheraton) at 1 pm - No pass for the con needed.
Come chat it up with the locals and possibly swap out your summer collection for something winter proof.

Sunday - Day 3

The Great Rufflebutt Debate - Located in Panel #4 - at 10 am
Think you can name at least four popular styles during 2000? Know your way around the needle?
Does a quiz show  of Lolita Fashion sound appealing? Then come try your luck in a team of four versus four to win the chalice of " All Knowing Rufflebutt". Bizarre questions, funny answers, and tests of bubble skills.

Swap Meet - Located in Panel #6 - at 2:00 pm
Not clear if this is strictly for Lolita purposes or all in clusive of Anime, Manga, swag bag trades, etc. Either way, there will be a few Lolitas taking up a corner for sales, commissions, and trades. Come pick up something new and gently loved for your wardrobe!

Monday - Day 4

How to Deal with Normal People - Located in Panel #1 - 11 am
Sometimes our personal hobbies tend to weird out the rest of the normies. Check out this panel for learning tips for how to deal with them and how to be ok with yourself as well.



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