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Originally posted by Alexandra Escobar at Tarrant County Community College (Northwest,Northeast, etc)
Attention Lolitas!:
Hello! It's my first time using Live Journal since I've been introduced to the Lolita fashion and subculture. Ever since when I was 15, I've always been fascinated with Lolita when I still read Shoujo Beat (Before running out of print and still a bit of anime geek) Fast-forward to present day, I went to my first Lolita meet-up at A-kon 26. So I'd like to know if there's anybody from any of the TCC campuses: Northwest/ Northeast/ South/ Southeast/ Trinity River area campuses?
Let me know on the comment section.
Here's a list of events going on for AFest this year. 4 days of con with a small, friendly atmosphere.
See schedule version here.

Friday - Day 1

So You Want To Go To Japan - Located in Panel #6 - at 6 pm
Are you thinking about going to Japan? Want to know how to plan without a Tour Guide?
Then come by this panel to learn from the pros of how to get the most bang for your buck.

Saturday - Day 2

Meet Up  - Chill (inside the Sheraton) at 1 pm - No pass for the con needed.
Come chat it up with the locals and possibly swap out your summer collection for something winter proof.

Sunday - Day 3

The Great Rufflebutt Debate - Located in Panel #4 - at 10 am
Think you can name at least four popular styles during 2000? Know your way around the needle?
Does a quiz show  of Lolita Fashion sound appealing? Then come try your luck in a team of four versus four to win the chalice of " All Knowing Rufflebutt". Bizarre questions, funny answers, and tests of bubble skills.

Swap Meet - Located in Panel #6 - at 2:00 pm
Not clear if this is strictly for Lolita purposes or all in clusive of Anime, Manga, swag bag trades, etc. Either way, there will be a few Lolitas taking up a corner for sales, commissions, and trades. Come pick up something new and gently loved for your wardrobe!

Monday - Day 4

How to Deal with Normal People - Located in Panel #1 - 11 am
Sometimes our personal hobbies tend to weird out the rest of the normies. Check out this panel for learning tips for how to deal with them and how to be ok with yourself as well.


A-Kon 24 @ Hilton Anatole - Updated 5/19/13

Cross posting some information from the Project A-kon forums and Metroplex Facebook. Remember, all events are subject to change even the day of. So try to be alter to changes as possible. If you have an event that might fit with Lolita interest, please feel free to comment in this thread and I will update the list accordingly. For more information on Project A-Kon please click here.

Not sure how to survive a stay at the Anatole? Scroll down the front page of Cospod.org and you'll find  a guide for Cosplayers, interactive maps for the Anatole, food joints, transportation routes, and just about everything you could ever want know for a Con stay. Pay special attention to the parking map as we come closer to the Con date.

Thursday - Day 0

Friday - Day 1

Host: ???

Event: Doctor Who inspired Origami

Location: Governer's Lecture hall, 1st Floor

Time: 11 - 12pm

Info: Daleks exterminating your bowties? The Master destroying your stick of celery? Cybermen deleting your scarf? UNIT messing around with Bessy and your TARDIS?  Well, where there’s life, there’s hope… and origami. Put on your frilly shirts and velvet and come learn how to fold paper.

Host: ESK-D

Event - Intro to Para Para

Location - Topaz Room--Tower, 1st Floor

Time: 5:15 pm - 6:45pm

Info: Come experience a slice of the Japanese club scene with EKS-D ParaPara! Learn to dance and find out about the origins of parapara and about the eurobeat, techno, and dance-pop music it accompanies.

Host: Project A-Kon

Event: Steampunk Social and Ball

Location: Peacock Terrace --Tower, 1st Floor

Time: 7 pm - 2 am

Info:  A gathering of Lords, Ladies, Rascals, and Rogues – the Steampunk Soiree opens with a social to allow chatter, and leads into the concert featuring UnWoman and The Nathaniel Johnstone Band. The event is closed out by the DJ known as Infam0us playing Electro Swing, Sea Shanties, Steampunk, and Gypsy Punk for your dancing pleasure.

Host: Lady_Blubrd/ Jaz
Event - Night of Frills
Location - The Gossip Bar
Time: 8:30 pm
Cost: $5-20
Info: This is a 21+ meet due to drinks. However, still feel free to come unwind with the frillies till the formal dance.

Saturday - Day 2

Host - Neko Neko Maid and Host Club
Event - Lolita Tea Party

Location - Carpenter Ballroom(20)

Time - 10:30 am - 11:30 am
Cost - $25 online
Website to purchase tickets - [ Here ]
Info: Includes tea, snacks, and games with your choice of maid or host. A raffle for brand items is possibility if there is over 15+ guests for this event. Swap meet is still tentative.

Host: Millermuller Ballet

Event: Millermuller Ballet Presents- Tokyo

Location: Grand Ballroom D/ E Atrium 2, 1st Floor

Time: 2:15 -3:15pm

Info: a full-length ballet of the Japanese fairy tale Tokyo. This will be an amazing ballet with magnificent costumes, outstanding visual effects and sets, and delightful music- everything needed to interest a fan based audience.

Host: ???

Event: Swap Meet

Time: 6:45 pm

Location: TBD

Visual Reference:

Info: Come bargain hunt, haggle, and oogle Lolita wears provided by local and out-of-state enthusiasts.

Host - Jaz and Jennie (hopefully)
Event - Dance Dance Loli Dance
Location- Atrium 1 (20) - See Map
Time: 4 pm
Cost; Free!
Info: Come learn some beginner Para Para moves and star in a viral video of A-kon's Lolitas!

Sunday - Day 3

Host: ???
Event - Lolita Picnic
Location - Topaz (Tower 1) Panel 4
Time - 3 pm - 5 pm
Cost - Free
Info - This is a fairly informal picnic. This is NOT Lolita 101, it is a chance for girls or boys to dress as a Lolita and enjoy this way to dress with others with like interest. There must be a careful balance between something fun and something that is too “childish.”

Host - Jaz
Event - Tri-atho-Bows
Location - Water Feature North (10) - See Map
Time - 1 pm
Cost - Free!
Info - Come test your lace against other teams for the first annual Frilly Cup. Obstacles may include: Quizzes, The Great Lace Monster Race, Tug-o-War, Hopscotch? There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams. Teams of 2 or 4 may enter.

Host: ???
Event - Swap Meet II
Location - Water Feature North
Visual Reference -  http://www.flickr.com/photos/tifaia/7576739790/in/set-72157630590172068/
Info: Round two of flea market style sales amongst Lolita fellows.


Decided to do a reboot of this idea. Feel free to visit the Facebook group. I will be posting more information soon.

What is it?

A mini icebreaker for those curious, beginners, and parents wanting to learn more about the fashion. Plus, see what the dynamic of our local flock of frills are like. Like a seminar, but minus the boring packets and long winded lectures. This will take place over the course of the spring into the summer.

Is there a dress code?

Nope. I find this helpful to those without any pieces yet to come comfortably.

Street clothes are a go!

But, I"m a Brolita/Kodona/Ouiji ...? Can I still attend?
Yes, you can and you should! We'll be going over the basics for all aspects of Lolita Fashion.

What should I bring

A friend(s)/parent or trusted adult if under 18. Meeting people from the net can be intimidating, but with someone you know in tow, things aren't so scary. Plus, its better to be safe than sorry. Also, feel free to bring G&LBs, snips of images, cameras, notepads...ect. Definitely be sure to charge your phone and have some fresh batteries on hand.

When is this?

Specific dates will be released at least a month before it happens. But, here are the months, areas, and locations I plan on hosting these.

Months that have been selected so far: February, April, May, June, and July


Thank you all for attending still, despite the the confusion with the theaters. We had a lovely bunch of 6 out of 10 and still had a ball!

Next up are two meets.

One is in the Denton area for the Day of the Dead season and in November there's a pamper party in the Fort Worth area. For more details, please join our Facebook group: Metroplex Lolitas.

Till next time, stay frilly my friend. :D

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Upcoming Meets

Hang tight! We've got a few up coming meets here in the Metroplex. More info coming soon. Also, you happen to be going to A-Fest this year, feel free to post here about the meet(s)! :)

October- Halloween Movie Meet
December- Annual Metroplex Christmas Meet
December- International Lolita Day Winter Meet (Traditionally the 1st weekend in June and December)

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Events Round Up - Summer '12

Woo! Long time no posts in here. 
If your curious as to where everyone's gone, have a gander at this post for more info.

Just popping in for a quick run down of what's coming up.

May 19th, 2012 
Austin Lolis visiting the Big D Meet and Mingle

June 1st - 3rd, 2012 
A-kon 23 various events

Tea Breaker Series is kinda tentative at the moment as I have yet to find time to pick definite dates. Those with dates are still subject to change. However, anyone is welcome to schedule their own ice breaker/meet up!

Hope Everyone is having a good day!


February Meet Reminder

Just a heads up that this meet in the Dallas area is still happening next weekend.

Its not too late to join us! More info can be found here - [x]

Do keep watching this Comm for meets next month as well as Summer sessions as we approach June. Lots of Conventions; Lots of traveling and plenty of entertainment along the way. :D


I know this is random and last minute but seems like today I'm going to be spending the day in the dallas area. It is my first time in dallas and I was wondering if there are any places of intrest that I might want to visit. I know dallas is a large area so ill be in the area of baylor (sp?) Childrens hospital if that helps. Thanks for any help. ^-^